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Proper Wreath Care and Information

Our wreaths are all lovingly assembled by hand in the USA using only the best designer quality imported materials. We take great pride in our artistry and want you to be thrilled with your product and to enjoy it for a long time.


Our Wreaths can be displayed indoors or outdoors but we recommend that they be hung under a covered porch area and out of direct sunlight to prevent any fading. Bringing your wreath indoors when you are expecting bad weather will also extend your wreath’s life. As with any product subject to sun and weather, fading may occur.


Choose to have your wreath treated with protectant before shipping to minimize fading and wear.


The best way to clean your wreath is with cool dry air. A blow dryer set on the cool setting will remove accumulated dust and dirt without ruining the shape of the flowers. Don’t use high temperatures as that may cause the flowers to wilt or melt. You can also use a can of compressed air, like you’d use to clean your computer keyboard.


We do not recommend hanging your wreath between the inner door and outside storm door. Depending on the exposure, the glass will act as a magnifier and temperatures between the doors can become hot enough to soften the hot melt glue used to assemble the wreaths. We recommend hanging on the outer door using a wreath hanger or for best effect, a plastic hook. We love the Command hooks made by 3M that are available at most home improvement and drugstores.

All designs are for decorative purposes only. No components are edible and must never be consumed. Do not disassemble wreaths or designs as they may contain sharp edges.


If a flower head should pop off, just check the base and you should see the opening where it attaches to the stem. Just slide the stem piece into the base of the bloom and press back on.


Sometimes our eyes aren’t what they used to be and occasionally, we will miss a “glue ghost” after assembling. It’s a thin strand of dried glue that looks like a cobweb that will appear across the wreath. Just pull it off. It won’t harm the wreath.



All of our wreaths are handmade and will result in varying lengths of stems. Our wreaths are measured from the tip of the highest flower to the tip of the bottom flower. All measurements are approximate.  If the wreath is a bit too big, just bend down some of the stems. They are all wired so you won’t hurt them.


Due to the variance in printers and color monitors, colors of the items you purchase may vary in real life from what appears on your computer screen.